Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach

Videos & Slides

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Chapter 1: Where in the Genome Does DNA Replication Begin?
(Algorithmic Warmup)


Chapter 1 Slides

Chapter 2: Which DNA Patterns Play the Role of Molecular Clocks?
(Randomized Algorithms)


Chapter 3: How Do We Assemble Genomes?
(Graph Algorithms)


Chapter 4: How Do We Sequence Antibiotics?
(Brute Force Algorithms)


Chapter 5: How Do We Compare Biological Sequences?
(Dynamic Programming)


Chapter 6: Are There Fragile Regions in the Human Genome?
(Combinatorial Algorithms)


Chapter 7: Which Animal Gave Us SARS?
(Evolutionary Tree Reconstruction)


Chapter 8: How Did Yeast Become a Wine-Maker?
(Clustering Algorithms)


Chapter 9: How Do We Locate Disease-Causing Mutations?
(Combinatorial Pattern Matching)


Chapter 10: Why Have Biologists Still Not Developed an HIV Vaccine?
(Hidden Markov Models)


Chapter 11: Was T. rex Just a Big Chicken?
(Computational Proteomics)